#1 - Self-motivated
1. initiative to undertake or continue a task or activity without another's prodding or supervision.

It should be quite evident that to be a leader of any stature, the simple fact is, one must be motivated. We all realize that motivation may manifest itself in many forms. Some may be motivated by seeking the status in an organization, company or community, while others the fame that can make their stature larger that life. For some the outrageous finances that can purchase the trappings of immense success, or even the long awaited, well earned title; CEO, owner, president or partner. Each is definitely an accomplishment on its own merit, but all are acquired as external motivators. They are in some ways contingent on how others may act, feel, give permission or in certain situations present themselves. They are external factors that most often present volatile conditions that may or may not create an opportunity to be a good leader or even have the level of success that may be wanted.

Though external factors are always an opportunity for the success that most of us seek. It should not be the driving force. Far too often to we see individuals who have attained all the external marking of leadership success only to find themselves miserable and unfulfilled. This is a direct effect of seeking things as a motivator only to acquire them and be disillusioned by the absence of a future motivator. 

Those that are internally motivated, or for this matter self-motivated, are less likely to seek titles or position but more importantly significance. The driving force is derived from an internal sense of purpose or  fulfillment and doing your best; not for self, but others. Being a change agent is more important than the bottom line. 

If when asked “what do you do?” and your only response is a description of your job, then maybe you need to rethink things.  The self-motivation is more than your job, position, bank account or address. This motivation should determine who you are and what you do irrespective of your position. Don let the situation determine who you are. Let who you are be determined no matter the situation that presents itself.

Two Thoughts:
•    You are not your job nor should it define who you are. There is a greater motivation in you. Seek it!!
•    This is what not being defined by a job would sound like. 
o    I inspire others to feel better about themselves and their appearance. Orthodontist
o    I create an atmosphere for others to thrive and accomplish their dreams. Educator 

One Question:
•    What is the greatest self motivator you have?

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt