About executive coaching

  • Is there something in your business, life, career or work that you are not 100% satisfied and content with?
  • Are you having some challenges in your relationships at work or at home?
  • Are you feeling stuck in a rut and that there must be more?
  • Are you at a transition point and finding it difficult to either know what to do or how to get comfortable with the changes?
  • Do you want to change something in you life, work, relationship or finances?

Many people, like you,  go to a coach and use coaching because they want to make some changes and achieve their goals more easily and quickly than they can alone. Coaching can enable you to do this too.

Coaching supports you in taking a step back from your life or work so you give yourself the space and opportunity to decide what you really really want. When you step back to explore your life or work and its component parts you can consider it from your perspective and alternative perspectives too. The purpose of this is to decide what parts are working brilliantly, what parts are okay, and what parts you are not satisfied with. Then you can decide what you really want from and in your life or workand take action on it. You can reflect on what is blocking you from having what you want already and discover what will help you achieve it more quickly than you could alone.

Your Coach's Role

Your coach is your guide, your cheerleader, your navigator to enable you make the journey you set out on, as smooth and simple as possible. Only you know and can decide what you want to achieve and where your destination is. Your coach has the tools and expertise to facilitate you on your journey to support you in being creative, confident, resourceful and optimistic. So you can find your way, stay the course and enjoy the journey even more than you think possible.

Your Role

Coaching is the active and collaborative participation between both you and your coach. The word active is an important one here because in order to achieve your goals you need to take action, with the coach as your co-driver. Some of the actions may be suggested by your coach in the form of tasks, exercises or experiments all with the intention of enabling you to move ever closer to your goal. Many of the actions you will choose or decide yourself because you know they are stepping stones en route to your end goal.

You bring your dreams, your goals, your wishes and your desires and your coach brings questions, an open mind, tools, techniques, and a belief in your power to change, achieve and succeed when you are ready and decide.

Who benefits from Coaching?

Coaching is a model, which is applicable across a range of contexts. People come to coaching because they recognize in whatever context it can only benefit them. Below are just some of the reasons I have found are the catalysts that prompt someone to look for coaching.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to commit yourself to creating the results you want for yourself? 

Are you:

  • Ready to commit the time?
  • Ready to take the actions?
  • Ready to let go the baggage, resistance or procrastination?
  • Ready to experiment to find what really works for you and start changing?
  • Ready to work with your Coach, take the Training to create what you really want?